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Our Fair City is a post-apocalyptic/science fiction audio drama and was first published in 2011 after there Kickstarters campaign was a big success. Although you can describe it as a dark post-apocalyptic story it’s important to know when you start listening its more of a comedy then a serious audio drama. When I started listening I was not fully aware of this and I really had to get used to the style of humor in this audio drama.

Our Fair City begins in the not so distant future: the skies are stormy, and the landscape is a vast frozen tundra. Lightning rigs high above the city gather energy from thunderstorms, mad scientists walk the earth, and adorably monstrous Molepeople dig tunnels deep underground to expand the city’s habitable space. To explain the main plot of Our Fair City ain’t easy, mainly because there are a lot of characters in this show and especially in the beginning of the first season the plot lines are not as intertwined as later on in the story. Another thing that makes it hard to really get into the story in the beginning is that the episodes are rather short (about 8/10 minutes each). But please don’t make that stop you from trying it out because if you get trough the first part I promise you it will get better and better.

…it does not take itself too seriously…the writing is absolutely hilarious…some totally laugh out loud moments. It is funny, it is well recorded…it hearkens back to this earlier day of radio dramas…I listened to the entire series in about 3-4 days.

– The Sci Fi Diner Podcast

One thing that I noticed right away is the high quality of sound-effects and especially of the voice actors. Although having a lot of voice actors Our Fair City also features a narrator, because of that I would describe Our Fair City as somewhat of a Hybrid between a audio-drama and a audio-book, with the focus lying on audio drama (still following me ? :P). Our Fair City has won multiple awards and critical acclaim for its dynamic acting, incisive writing, and high level of production.

Another great thing when you discover a new audio drama is you like is when there are already multiple seasons. Especially when you start listing having a large amount of episodes ready will help understanding the story and different characters faster. And maybe even more important if you get hooked on this show you don’t have to wait for new episodes :D.. Yes, you guessed right, that happened to me. I was fortunate to finding this podcast just before I went on a 2 week vacation, and I must say I really enjoyed lying on the beach, a cold drink in my hand an listening to Our Fair City. Overall I can say this is a very good modern Audio Drama!


Season 1

EPISODE 1, Lucky Thing You Showed Up

EPISODE 2, The Patch Job



EPISODE 5, The Best Little Whorehouse in Hartford

EPISODE 6, Ants on a Train!

EPISODE 6.5, The Science Fair

EPISODE 7, An Offer She Can’t Refuse

EPISODE 8, Discretion is the Better Part of Labor

EPISODE 9, The Business of Eavesdropping

EPISODE 10, What’s Love Got to Do With It?

EPISODE 11, Let’s Make a Deal

EPISODE 12, The Chase!

EPISODE 13, The Climax?!

EPILOGUE, The Wind from the West

Season 2

EPISODE 1, In From the Cold

EPISODE 2, Chance Meetings

EPISODE 3, Mole Fight!

EPISODE 4, A Warm Welcome

EPISODE 5, Herbert West: Prince of Denmark

EPISODE 6, She’s Alive!

EPISODE 7, Matters of the Hart

EPISODE 8, A Night on the Town

EPISODE 9 The Gang’s All Faire

HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2011 Winter Gift Holiday Special

EPISODE 11 The Advice at Dr. Moro’s

EPISODE 12 There’s No Place That’s Home

EPISODE 13 Death at the Science Faire pt. I

EPISODE 14 Death at the Science Faire pt. II

EPISODE 15 Death at the Science Faire pt. III

EPISODE 16 Tunnel Collapse

EPISODE 17 “…Really Doing Science.”

EPISODE 18 Peril!

EPISODE 19 The Woken Apocalypse

Season 3

EPISODE 1 Neal Henderson in the Wilderness

EPISODE 2 Fealty/Frailty

EPISODE 3 ButterClaws

EPISODE 4 Self-Help for Dummies

EPISODE 5 The Incidence of Accidents

EPISODE 6 Stormhawks at the Diner

EPISODE 7 The Final Task of Ol’ Silty

EPISODE 8 Family Matters

EPISODE 9 A Break for Coffee

EPISODE 10 In the Cage

EPISODE 11 Unseen/Undead

EPISODE 12 The Captain’s Pod

EPISODE 13 Fancy Talk

EPISODE 14 Chatting with Loamy and Lucky

EPISODE 15 A Lady, Bespoken

EPISODE 16 The Ghost Rig

EPISODE 17 Going Bananas

EPISODE 18 Storm, Fall


Season 4



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General info

Original titleOur Fair City
GenreFull Cast Audio Drama
Original run2011 - Present
Type Audio Drama/Podcast

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Episode length (free) ( minutes )7 - 10
Episode length (paid) ( minutes )-
Available on ItunesYes

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