Survive, a radio drama inspired by The Walking Dead

Survive, a radio drama inspired by The Walking Dead

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No longer dealing with hypotheticals, the outbreak has finally happened! Follow a group of survivors as they trudge through a wasteland which was once a great British Columbia park, in search of anything to aid in their survival.

Inspired by the successful “The Walking Dead” graphic novel and television series comes the introduction of a post-apocalyptic, zombie radio play. Creator and writer Alex began with this audio drama as a Communications & Multimedia university project and has continued to develop. Currently they have plans for a 6 episode pilot season and, with enough interest, taking it from there and seeing where it goes.

The story starts with a group of Canadian survivors who are thrust into an apocalyptic wasteland in which a virus of unknown origin has infected a large amount of the population, turning them into zombies. What starts off as a mere attempt to live soon turns into a desperate attempt to discover a cure and find out how the mysterious outbreak began.

Normally I don’t do reviews when the product ain’t finished yet, still I was really impressed by the first 2 episodes. Story-wise I cant tell just yet how good it is, but the sound quality is really high for a ‘amateur’ radio drama/audio drama. Especially if you consider that all aspects used, other than the vocal performances, were from very generous people who have uploaded their work under the Creative Commons License. Also the voice actors are doing a really good job.

I really do hope this audio drama is going to be a success, since We’re Alive is busy with the final season we need a new good post apocalyptic zombie audio drama. For it can turn into a success they should also offer more ways of listening to this show, currently you can only listen to it on Youtube.


You can find the first 2 episodes below. Since a lot of people prefer to listen to a audio file I converted the first episode to mp3 and you can play or download it below.
Episode 1

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General info

Original titleSurvive
GenreZombie, Full Cast Audio Drama
Original run2014
Type Audio Drama/Podcast
Seasons1 (6 episodes)

More Details

Episode length (free) ( minutes )8-10
Episode length (paid) ( minutes )-
Podcast WebsiteNone
Available on ItunesNot yet

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1 comment

  1. Will

    sadly after two episodes, it appears as if this “radio show” vanished into the ether of cyberspace.

    Posted on 05/09/2015

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