We’re Alive: Lockdown

We’re Alive: Lockdown
Original title We’re Alive: Lockdown
Genre Zombie, Full Cast Audio Drama
Original run 2015
Seasons 1
Studio Wayland Productions
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About the show

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For those of you who aren’t fully familiar with We’re Alive, Lockdown is sort of a “side-story/continuation” of the original series of We’re Alive: A Story of Survival. It’s equivalent to half of a season of the original series and has 6 parts.

A riot has broken out at Twin Towers Jail. Simeon, five of his fellow inmates, and the prison guards assigned to them have found themselves trapped in the inescapable confines of T-block during the lockdown. Boundaries of trust are pushed to the limit as the survivors must learn to work together if they have any hope of escaping the horde of infected and the deadly secret that lies within Twin Tower’s walls.

“We’re Alive: Lockdown” serves as both a standalone and continuation of the “We’re Alive: A Story of Survival” series. It answers questions, asks new ones, and keeps the listener guessing right up until the bitter end.

Although not as good as its successor it still sets the bar of audio drama very high.


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General info

Original titleWe’re Alive: Lockdown
GenreZombie, Full Cast Audio Drama
Original run2015
Type Audio Drama/Podcast

More Details

Free/Paid? Both a free version as a paid version
Episode length (free) ( minutes )60
Episode length (paid) ( minutes )-
StudioWayland Productions
Podcast WebsiteWe're Alive
Available on Itunes-


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