The Sovereign Spirit Saga Volume One

The Sovereign Spirit Saga Volume One
Original title The Sovereign Spirit Saga
Release date ?
Author David P. Forsyth
Genre e-Books, Zombies,
Pages +800
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The Sovereign Spirit Saga is a series of novels written by David P. Forsyth and offers a bold new perspective on the zombie apocalypse genre. Think of all the thing you that annoyed you in other Zombie stories, like how they never think of creating a barrier of water, concrete etc. between the zombies and survivors or like they always tend to split up when scavenging in a house that might be full of zombies.

When I picked up the first book (free on Amazon) it was such a relief to finally read a zombie story that contains survivors that are actually smart (smarter then zombies). Another thing, in a lot of zombie stories (yes The Walking Dead included) it seems the army always seems to forget how to fight and are totally destroyed. It was such a relief to find out that in The Sovereign Spirit Saga at least (parts of) the Navy and Marine Corps are still alive and kicking. Another great thing about the Saga are the detail, Military people really are going to love all the details about weapons and vehicles etc.

You can probably guess that I finished the first book in a matter of days (or should I say hours), after that there was no one stopping me from buying the other parts, I was completely hooked! I have read a lot of post apocalypse and zombie novels (and a shitload of ‘amateur’ ebooks), but I can honestly say that The Sovereign Spirit Saga is one of the best novels I read in a while.

Before telling more about the story, The Sovereign Spirit Saga Volume One contains the 3 novels Voyage of the Dead, Flotilla of the Dead, and Deluge of the Dead. Next to that there is a prequel collection that contains the short novels, ‘Lukan’, ‘Land’s End’ and ‘Into the Breach’. Volume Two of the Sovereign Spirit Saga will launch in 2014. Several other writers are also working on books set in the Sovereign Spirit “universe” and may even cross plot lines. Also a cool feature, on the website of The Sovereign Spirit you can find a lot of extra information like glossary and links to vessels,vehicles and weapons that are featured in the novels.


The first novel, Voyage of the Dead starts as the zombie apocalypse erupts. Those aboard the Sovereign Spirit watch the world being overrun in vivid HD via satellite TV, then rush to rescue friends and family ashore. A subplot features a lone survivor in a city being consumed by infected undead cannibals. It’s an adventure through the apocalypse as a ship pursues her mission to restore hope and one man struggles to outsmart the Zs.

Part 2. Flotilla of the Dead (Warning contains small spoilers)

Flotilla of the Dead picks up where the 1st book left off. The Sovereign Spirit rescues survivors, attracts followers, and encounters new challenges and confrontations. A group ashore discovers new weapons to battle the horde. Objectives are reached and lives are lost. Plot lines converge in a riveting crisis.

Part 3. Deluge of the Dead (Warning contains small spoilers)

Deluge of the Dead raises the stakes as the survivors discover that zombies may not be the worst threat they face. Nature and remnants of civil authority play a role in gathering lucky survivors into a safe haven, but others are intent on violating the fragile sanctuary. You won’t believe who lives and who dies in the end. And this is only the beginning.

Wat do others say about it?

“…Without a doubt one of the better Zombie books…”
Anthony Wessel, reviewer at The Kindle Book Review and founder of
“What a truly entertaining read. I started reading on Friday morning and couldn’t put the book down until I finished. Not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum story of the apocalypse.”
Paul Jones, author of Extinction Point and Towards Yesterday
“Gorey, pulpy, zombie fun! Basically it’s the A-Team meets Battlestar Galactica meets The Walking Dead. If this were a show I’d watch it.”
Nathan Yocum, author of The Zona
This is one of those books that starts with a bang and I read waiting for the pace to slacken, except it doesn’t. Too often, books of this kind start out with an action scene, and then we get chapters of backfill and descriptions of the soap opera-like travails of our characters. While Forsyth indeed fills in the characterizations, the key quality of this book is that most valuable in any kind of thriller–PACING.
John S.
“I had very high expectations of the second installment after reading the first book, but I have to say that it went far beyond my expectations. It was a FANTASTIC read!! I had a lot of instances where I felt my heart about to burst from excitement, anger, and happiness for the characters. The writing was even better than the first book…”
Faye M
“…I have recommended this over and over again to friends, who love zombies as much as I do. It’s also gotten to the point where I’m having badass zombie dreams after reading at night, and I love it when a good book isn’t ready to let go of my mind even when I have finished reading it. These are books I will revisit over and over again.”

Where to buy?

You have a few option when it comes to reading these great novels. The first novel that still is free is available in paperback and e-books on  Amazon,Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords, etc. The other two novels are on Amazon.. But if you are smart you buy the ‘Sovereign Spirit Saga: Volume 1′. A 800 page trilogy edition that includes all three of the first books at a discounted price.

If you finished that you also might enjoy the prequels collection, Interludes in Hell, which you can read before Volume 1 or after.. I read them after finishing Volume 1 and really enjoyed reading them in that order.


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Original titleThe Sovereign Spirit Saga
Release date?
AuthorDavid P. Forsyth
Genree-Books, Zombies,
PublisherDavid P. Forsyth
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