Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid
Original title Project Zomboid
Release Date 2012
Genre Zombies
Studio The Indie stone
Series -
Platform(s) Windows, Mac, Linux
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Project Zomboid, a great little survival/horror title being made by the developers “The Indie stone” and is somewhat similar to Minecraft. Currently the game is not yet fully released and is still in the alpha stage. The game is either available through “Desura” (Similar to steam), or getting the launcher from the site using “Google Checkout”, there is a free demo available so please do give it a go before spending your money.

Now, the aim of the game is survival by any means necessary, with increasingly difficult environments that will only get harder as the game becomes more developed in the coming months/years. There are 2 modes of gameplay currently available, the Tutorial level “Til Death us do part” (That’s a bit of a Typo on the game), and the more prominent “Sandbox mode”, I shall stay with the Sandbox mode for my review.


You are a survivor in the town of Muldraugh, Kentucky (Or Knox county). A small area where an unfortunate turn of events has left you fighting for your life against hundreds of the living dead. The point of the game is to survive as long as possible… At first fresh food is available a lot, the streetlights are still on and you have quit a easy time.. okay if you manage to stay away from those zombies.
Prepare for some major zombie hordes!

Prepare for some major zombie hordes!

Your objective is to find weapons, food, drinks, medicine, materials and other items that will help you survive the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. The game doesn’t only have one foe, there are plenty of other equally devastating elements in this game out to get you besides hordes of zombies. These include hunger, thirst, disease, tiredness and boredom (Yes, boredom).

But you will need to prevent yourself from succumbing to these things by exploring the map for food, crafting items/building fortifications to keep away the boredom, remembering your bed time and most of all not getting scratched/bit!

Now lets get this straight, there are NO “Special zombies”, these are the ‘original and slow’ kind. Let me also get this straight, they are not to be underestimated, the environment is littered with the little bastards and even a single one poses a viable threat. The game starts off with a few hundred, and more are added every day you survive.


Overall this is a great game, i bought it months ago when I first read about it. To bad only that its still in beta, altough they are making some major improvements to the game.

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