Survivor Z

Survivor Z
Original title -
Release Date 2013
Genre Zombies, Free Games
Studio Mongadillo Studios Inc.
Series -
Platform(s) iPad, iPod
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Expanding upon the offerings of its predecessor, ZDAY Survival Simulator, Survivor Z deserves to be quite popular with adventure game book fans. It tells an interesting story while offering them sufficient control over their destiny. Survivor Z combines interactive fiction with a game engine for mobile devices.

The game begins when the virus outbreak reaches critical levels, and you are challenged to make your way home from work amid the chaos. In an illustrated text adventure similar to classic games like Zork and Adventureland. Once you survive the many dangers and obstacles along the way and make it safely into your bunker, you find that this is only the beginning. After running low on food and water, you emerge into a drastically changed world where familiar places are now desolate ruins.
At this point Survivor Z blows open, combining interactive fiction with a game engine for mobile devices to allow you to explore a blasted wasteland version of your everyday surroundings. There’s no deliberate mission to save the world or anything like that, it’s just a matter of lasting as long as possible, much like its predecessor. What changes here is the depth of options. Players can now use items such as flashlights, as well as change what weapon they use depending on the fight involved. Combat on the whole is more involving and there’s a form of levelling up system instead of the simple percentage listing of the previous title.

Mongadillo Studios Inc. announces that Survivor Z will be available Free starting June 21 until July 1st, when it returns to its regular price of $1.99 USD.

There’s also the rather original addition of location aware moments. Regardless of if you live in a huge metropolis or a small town, like myself, it’s possible to interact with familiar locations. Of course, the algorithm behind Survivor Z means it’ll be less personal than it seems but it’s nice to have the introduction of names and locations that one is used to. I found a weird sense of realism while exploring my local gym in the game, rather than just a generic one.

It’s a clever interface and one that should keep players coming back for more. The level of decision making throughout the game is more extensive than the previous instalment and easily makes one question whether it’s worth being a hero or more cautious.

When asked how long the production cycle for new content will last, creator Ed Anderson replied, “This game will continue to grow as long as players continue to play.” Survivor Z has just released its fifth update, version 2.1, with new features such as Player Versus Player expected by July. Hopefully a iPad version is coming to soon!


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