The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone
Original title The Last Stand: Dead Zone
Release Date 2012
Genre Zombies, Free Games
Studio Con Artists Games
Series The Last Stand
Platform(s) Facebook, Online
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Story ( 5.8 )
Game(re)play value ( 6.6 )
Graphics ( 8.2 )
Overall rating ( 7.4 )

About the game

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The Last Stand: Dead Zone is the fourth installment in the The Last Stand series. It was announced on January 16, 2012 via Con Artist Games’ Twitter feed and Facebook page.The Early Access Beta was released on Facebook on February 21, 2012 and is only open to those who have liked The Last Stand’s Facebook page. It was also released on Armor Games on August 14, 2012 and Kongregate on December 18, 2012, both of which require the user to create a free account to play the game.

Personally I found this game when it just entered the early beta, I don’t play it anymore but I still would recommend it to all who love apocalypse/zombie games. Best thing about it.. its free! So try it out!

What's it all about   The Last Stand: Dead Zone   The last stand Dead Zone 2 300x261

Your survivors have different roles, Datu for example is a Engineer ;)

Initially taking on the role of a lone survivor, players must build up their shelter, ensure it remains stocked with food, water and building resources, defend it from zombie attacks, attract new survivors and scavenge for additional materials. The game unfolds from an isometric perspective in real time, using realistic, gritty 3D visuals rather than the cartoonish aesthetic seen on many other Facebook titles.

When defending the base from zombies or exploring new locations, players take direct control of the survivors they have assigned to undertake the mission. Survivors will automatically defend themselves and attack zombies that enter the range of their weapon, meaning that micromanagement only becomes necessary if it looks like an individual survivor is going to get into trouble. Defending the base is a simple matter of killing all incoming zombies, while exploring locations gives players a time limit to scavenge as many supplies as possible from containers in the area while holding off the undead hordes.

The game largely focuses on the player’s own team of survivors, though it’s also possible to visit other players’ compounds and help out with tasks that need completing. Later, it also becomes possible to attack rival survivors, though low-level players are protected from attack for a period of six days or until they attack someone first. The game monetizes through its hard currency fuel, which may be used to purchase premium items as well as speed up time-consuming processes. Premium items range from more effective weaponry to further protection against attack from rival players. Players aren’t obliged to purchase fuel as it is possible to scavenge it from missions.

Features   The Last Stand: Dead Zone   The last stand Dead Zone 3 300x240

You can defend your compound with walls, barbed wire, towers, traps etc.

The Compound is the player’s base of operations in the Dead Zone and the home of all the survivors in their group. It is also where all the structures necessary to sustain the survivors are built and placed.


Players’ compounds may be raided by other players, unless the player is online or under protection. The raiding group can steal resources from the compound’s storage and production buildings, but must also face any survivors present there, which will be controlled by the AI.  
Resources must be collected in order to construct and upgrade buildings, as well as to sustain the player’s survivors. There are currently 6 regular resource types (Wood, Metal, Cloth, Food, Water and Ammunition) and 1 premium resource (Fuel, which can be purchased with real money), all of which can be scavenged during missions, obtained through recycling or collected from their respective drop-off points.  

Crafting allows the player to create and/or upgrade items once specific crafting benches have been constructed. Schematics, a small amount of Fuel and the appropriate components and/or resources are required in order to craft items, while only Fuel is required for upgrading.  

Suppression and Cover
Survivors can take cover behind objects in order to avoid being struck by gunfire and can fire upon any opponents in range. However, whilst immune to damage when in cover, popping out to fire at opponents exposes them to return fire and a sufficient volume of fire on their position would suppress them, preventing them from returning fire.   The Last Stand: Dead Zone   The last stand Dead Zone 1 300x173

Survivors can be trained and use different types of weapons and gear

All items can be recycled for resources. Structures can also be dismantled, which works in the same way. Every item and structure provides a set amounts of either, depending on the specific type. Note that in order to recycle multiple items at once, the player must build the Recycler.  

Tasks and Achievements
Tasks provide objectives for the player to accomplish and provide XP and occasionally items when completed, much like Quests in TLS:UC. Achievements are nearly identical to their TLS:UC incarnation.  

Trading allows players to trade for items they may want or need with other players. Anything can be traded, except for Fuel. Trading requires the Communication system to be set up, which requires a Radio Receiver and Radio Tower.  
Weapon Attachments and Conditions
Weapon Attachments and Conditions affect the various statistics possessed by weapons. It has been reworked from its TLS:UC incarnation, the details of which are covered in the article.  

Books can be used to modify various things such as XP gain, scavenging speed, zombie health, etc. It has been reworked from its TLS:UC incarnation, the details of which are covered in the article.  

Bounty Office
The Bounty Office is a feature where players can spend Fuel to put out a bounty on a player who raided them for other players to hunt down. Successfully claiming a bounty grants the bounty hunter a large amount of the Fuel spent on the bounty. 


Like I said before I haven’t been playing the game anymore but I can assure you its highly addictive and in the meanwhile more and more features were added. The game graphics really look awesome for a game thats on Facebook. Also a good thing is that you can actually play the game in a nice way without paying money for the ingame currency, fuel. So is there anything bad about the game? Well the sound of some of the guns don’t really sound to good, but thats just a minor issue. When I played this game back about a year ago there weren’t to many missions and no storyline. But now in March 2013 there are a shitload of new missions, different type of area’s and stuff to do, but there still ain’t no storyline. I hope the developers will continue develop the game and evently make a stand alone game of it with a storyline, I would be more than happy to pay for it!

Gameplay video


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About the author: Bakkie-Pleur

Born and raised with zombie movies!

Our Rating

Total average


Story ( 5 )
Game(re)play value ( 6 )
Graphics ( 8 )
Overall rating ( 8 )

User Reviews/Comments (5)

Paul T.
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 7.3

I've been playing LS: Dead Zone since early beta and I heartily agree with this review. DZ continues to be enjoyable even though I'm playing what is currently the end game. I applaud ConArtist for making a FB game that puts gameplay ahead of monetization, which, in my experience, is very rare.

  • Its FREE!!!
  • Ingame purchases are not really needed!
  • Way better then The Walking Dead Facebook game
  • I agree, lacks Storyline..
  • Waiting for my survivors to get home :D
Posted on 27/03/2013 4:23 pm
Randall Flagg
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 7.3

Really enjoying this game so far. love how you have to find resourches like food, water etc to build constructions and to stay alive. I only wish there where far more larger maps. Graphics are really great for a game on Facebook! It's dark and dirty as it supposed to be!

  • Graphics
  • Overall apocalypse vibe
Minors No minors
Posted on 03/04/2013 10:36 pm
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 5.5


Plusses No plusses
Minors No minors
Posted on 24/06/2014 11:13 am
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 7.5

Good game overall,could be better.

  • Graphics
  • Free To play
  • 99% hacker free
  • Time Consuming
  • Boring at started
  • Pay To Well/Not Pay To Win
Posted on 25/12/2014 2:38 am
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 7.5

This Game is surprisingly playable considering it falls squarely in the freemium category, but don't let that putt you off, the Game is very good, too good in fact for it do languish in Facebook hell (also on Armour Games and Kongregate).

There is always something to do to keep your interest and to keep you entertained and is the best balanced freemium title I have played to date, and as it is still being actively improved and expanded.

This Game screams for a native android and iOS release where with some slight rebalancing it could become a premium or benchmark game.

  • No Paywall
  • Loads to do
  • Loot!!
  • Premium Currency
  • I suspect it becomes pay to win (PvP) towards the end game
  • Some minor technical issues with new locations added and lag issues when the screen gets busy.
Posted on 15/02/2015 2:51 pm
Waiting for approval
The Last Stand: Dead Zone 5.0

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Posted on 18/03/2015 3:35 pm

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