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Hell is a german post apocalypse move that was released in 2011. Actually ‘hell’ is the german title what would be translated in english as ‘bright’. If you have watched the movie, or even the trailer, you probably know the future in this movie is bright indeed, unfortunately not in a positive way.

The year is 2016, solar flares have destroyed the earth’s atmosphere and the earth temperature has risen by 10 degrees Celsius, as a result of this the whole world looks like one big apocalyptic Wasteland (for some reason it reminded me of a particular Fallout 3 scene) where forests are scorched, society has crumbled and where you can not stay out in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time if you don’t want to get cooked. Like most other post apocalyptic movies that don’t have zombies in it the horror comes from the people that are still alive and will do anything for resources as food and especially water.

Although from time to time the movie reminded me a lot of The Road I was really impressed by the visuals, the sun-bleached world devastated by solar flares takes lens blow-outs and flaring to a whole new level. It’s not that strange that Markus Förderer won a prize for Best Cinematography for this movie. The story itself, the acting and the dialog aint that great, but overall I really enjoyed it!


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Original titleHell
Release date2011
Directed byTim Fehlbaum
Written byTim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl
Duration ( minutes )89
CountryGermany, Switzerland
CastHannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Lars Eidinger

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