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How I Live Now is an 2013 British apocalyptic drama film based on the 2004 novel of same name by Meg Rosoff, directed by Kevin Macdonald (Last King Of Scotland). It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. An American girl sent to the English countryside to stay with relatives finds herself fighting for her survival as the UK turns into a violent military state.

Daisy (Saoirse Ronan), a neurotic but strong-willed New York City teenager, is sent to the English countryside for the summer to stay with her British cousins, Edmond (George MacKay), Isaac (Tom Holland) and Piper (Harley Bird). News reports playing as she arrives in the United Kingdom reveal a worsening political crisis across the world. Although initially reluctant to interact with them, Daisy finds herself warming up upon learning that her deceased mother used to stay there frequently. She also falls in love with Eddie, her eldest cousin, finding him to be as introverted and strong-willed as her. A few days after her arrival, her aunt flies to Geneva to attend an emergency conference, and the group take advantage of her absence to explore their local woodlands.

However, Daisy’s perfect summer is shattered when an unspecified enemy (implied to be anarchists) detonate a nuclear bomb in London, killing thousands, and causing a nuclear fallout as far away as their home. As the UK falls into a violent, chaotic military state, Daisy finds herself hiding and fighting to survive.

I do love a good apocalyptic drama, even if it does sound like this one is a bit more of a romance with a apocalyptic background theme. Currently it is still on my watchlist, so let me know what you think about the movie?


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General info

Original titleHow I life Now
Release date2013
Directed byKevin Macdonald
GenrePost Apocalypse, Nuclear
Written byMeg Rosoff
Duration ( minutes )101
CountryUnited Kingdom
CastSaoirse Ronan, Tom Holland, George MacKay


how i live now film 2013 how i live now film 2013

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How I Live Now (film) 7.5

Didn't know quite what to expect from this but was quickly captivated by this film. Saoirse Ronan gives a superb performance and really holds the film together.

Initially its a fish out of water story about Saoirse Ronan's character, a difficult but intriguing American teen landing into an eccentric English rural family who live on a remote farm. She quickly starts to fall for her handsome cousin but then world events intervene as a nuclear device is detonated in London and the film shows them dealing with the new reality of soldiers at the door, mass evacuation and the family being split up.

The depiction of what UK would be like under martial law, with guerrilla attacks, forced labor camps and a society breaking down was both chilling and fascinating. Ultimately, it becomes a survival story as Saoirse Ronan's character tries to get back to the farm and she has to make her way through the nightmarish landscape of an England descending into chaos. With a great soundtrack and many poignant moments, this is a well crafted film on all fronts. Recommended.

  • great soundtrack
  • No radiation poisoning???
Posted on 18/11/2013 10:30 am
Bruno Novatore
How I Live Now (film) 3.0

Unbelievable, not in a good way. Going in to this film, directed by Kevin Macdonald, my expectations were high, but I got a nuclear explosion that seemed to be merely a minor nuisance. After the film ended with a "nothin' to see here, move along folks", I asked myself, "Was an apocalyptic theme even necessary for this to be a movie?"

I recommend this film if you have already exhausted the genre.

  • The unicorn goat was awesome!
  • no character build up
  • unbelievable back story
  • no emotional connection
Posted on 25/01/2015 5:12 am
Ali Wood
How I Live Now (film) 10.0

I love this movie, I think it is one of the top apocalyptic movies ever.

  • Good acting
  • believable
  • Great plot
Minors No minors
Posted on 15/11/2017 8:35 am

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