Zomblies – Free to watch film!

Zomblies – Free to watch film!
Original title Zomblies
Release date 2010
Directed by David M. Reynolds
Genre Zombies
Written by David M. Reynolds
Duration ( minutes ) 50
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On Youtube you can find tons of apocalypse and zombie films that are free to watch online. Most of these films are amateur films or very short films. Zomblies might be a low budget movie, it looks better then some major Hollywood films, especially if you consider this film was produced for just 10.000 pound (about €12.000 / $15.000). It consists a total of 200 volunteers and was filmed in the West of the United Kingdom, this is micro-budget action filmmaking at it’s best!

The film starts with a private militia’s rookie zombie hunters are being send out a distress call, it’s up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.

Pretty good Zombie makeup right?

Pretty good Zombie makeup right?

As I said before but I will say it again, its amazing that they made a film that looks (and sounds) so good with such a low budget, it has a lot of action scenes, including some expensive scenes filmed from a chopper. But it doesn’t end there, the music score and the audio effects are blockbuster quality! In al lot of budget films the makeup effects of zombies look like shit but Zomblies managed to bring us some real good looking zombies.

Okay I know what you are thinking when you have read thus far, the acting must be horrible right? Zomblies does not contain big star actors, but the acting aint even that bad… Its not Oscar material but just decent. Only bad thing about Zomblies is the script, the story ain’t that great and with a 45 minute duration the film doesn’t have that much room for character development and dialogue. Because of that it sometimes just feels as some action scenes packed together.

In the end I can honestly say Director (writer and also actor) David M. Reynolds really made a great zombie film with a good (and not cheap) B- movie feeling to it and I have to fully agree with this comment I found on IMDB:
‘Just imagine what Mr. Reynolds could’ve done and can do with a larger budget – with better sets, better props and better actors. Sam Raimi remade “The Evil Dead”, George Miller remade “Mad Max” – David M. Reynolds more than deserves the opportunity to remake “Zomblies”.’

Below you can find the trailer and the full film itself, you can also stream and download the full movie in 1080p for just $2.99 on there website, All you need is a Pay Pal account.


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General info

Original titleZomblies
Release date2010
Directed byDavid M. Reynolds
Written byDavid M. Reynolds
Duration ( minutes )50
CountryUnited Kingdom
CastLauren Shein, Christopher Dane, Daniel Drew

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