5 Silly Zombie Games That Are Still A Blast

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By now it’s been pretty much confirmed: zombie gaming is a whole lot of fun. Looking through some of the zombie games we’ve covered, you’ll see everything from a twist on the old computer classic Oregon Trail to some of the latest and greatest console games. People love playing zombie video games, whether they’re based on survival, collaboration, or simply gunning down endless waves of the undead. 

But there’s also a sort of sub-category of zombie games that take a more playful approach to the genre. Sometimes it’s fun to look at zombies as ridiculous, cartoonish characters, and to treat the inherent violence of this type of gaming with a Halloween-like goofiness rather than mock seriousness. With that in mind (not to mention Halloween just around the corner, incidentally), here are five online and mobile games that take this approach without sacrificing entertainment value.


“I’d better change my bazooka fluid!” That’s the opening line of this game, because the lead character, Hanson, tries to fill up a massive weapon with “bammo toxic fluid,” so right off the bat you know you’re having a good time. Unfortunately for Hanson, he passes out from the bammo fumes and wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. From that point on your job is to control Hanson, progressing through countless levels shooting out zombies in different creative ways. The zombies aren’t particularly menacing or even threatening—it’s more about finding ways to take them all down before you run out of ammo—but it’s actually a pretty enjoyable strategy game. Plus you have to appreciate any game that challenges you to “blow their brains to green sludge.”

Zombie Demolisher

If you’re into online flash games, you’re no doubt familiar with by now. It’s been around for many years and basically serves as an aggregate for all of the internet’s best and quirkiest browser games. And now, they’ve got a whole zombie section. Within that section, you can find Zombie Demolisher, which is an incredibly simple but amusingly effective experience. Hopelessly pathetic, pale-green zombies stand around on teetering structures, and your only job is to destroy them with wrecking balls, in what becomes an Angry Birds-like destruction rampage.

Zombieville Scratch

This is an unexpectedly amusing game found in an unexpected place. Gala’s online platform is known largely for its live dealer gaming options these days, with the incorporation of a human element into its gameplay. A real dealer can basically control a blackjack, poker, or roulette game in real time, effectively making for a brand of virtual reality. But the site still has some more traditional casino gaming options as well, including a huge selection of slots and arcades, where you can find Zombieville Scratch. This game is pretty much a digital scratchcard, but it’s framed as a means of gunning down animated zombies to see what kinds of riches they drop in their wake. It’s not the biggest game, you’ll find but it’s surprisingly fun.


Another selection from Addicting Games’ zombie section, Zombocalypse throws you a little bit of a curveball. In the animated introductions, it looks like it’s going to be a dark, serious, spooky experience. But then you find yourself controlling a weird little dude who looks like he’s pulled from a ’90s animated comedy, fending off waves of equally goofy zombies from either side. It’s a survival game in which you just try to keep them away as long as possible, using various different weapons that drop from the sky, announced by a bodiless commentator.

Plants Vs. Zombies

Now better known as a popular mobile game (with a popular sequel), PvZ got its start as part of PopCap’s browser game collection, right alongside the likes of Bejeweled and Peggle Blast. And while everyone pretty much knows about it by now, it still needs to be mentioned as arguably the definitive silly zombie gaming experience. Your job is simply to strategically place plants in squares on a lawn (or in other levels), where they’ll act as defensive weapons against ragtag bunches of slowly invading zombies. What makes this game is the progression. It’s a satisfyingly deep experience in which your upgraded, more capable plants from level to level are met by deadlier and more ridiculous zombies.

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