SHUEN ー Japanese post apocalyptic short film

SHUEN, a Japanese post apocalyptic short film

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Tokyo is in ruins. The water stinks of death, buildings stand burnt and broken. Years have passed since the unknown conflict ravaged the land, only a few survivors remain. In a derelict gondola, a girl distracts her younger brother by telling him a story with shadows. They are weak, his coughs getting worse.

With their resources depleted she must leave him, travel deep within the core of the city to find food. There she encounters other survivors, those who have turned to beasts hunting to live another day. She will fight and stop at nothing to ensure the safety of her brother. No matter the cost.

Shuen is a short film by Canadian filmmaker Philippe McKie who came up with the idea of this film when as he heard of Hashima-Island for the first time. Seeing images of this deserted island in the south of Japan, once a bustling mining community turned ghost-town, he knew he needed to create a story that could take place within those ruins.

McKie had no idea at the time of the challenges he would face in being permitted to set foot on the island, as it is forbidden to do so without official government permission. Regardless McKie set forth to create this story which would be set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Having been able to shoot parts of the film on this ‘Battle-ship-Island’ as it is called by locals is a tremendous privilege.

Written / Directed / Shot by – Philippe McKie
Sound / Music by – Remy Sealey

Lina Takamine
Hiroaki Yokota
Hirohisa Taniguchi
Lewis R.

Special makeup effects by – Mathieu Dausmann
Color Grading by – Ewan Stringer
Sound Recording by – Dave Chaness

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