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Telltale’s The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC

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Last week Telltale posted a little teaser on (the newest internet hype) Vine, Many of us thought it was a first glance at new content for The Walking Dead season 2. Today Telltale launched a new trailer and game info about a new Pre Season 2 The Walking Dead game called 400 Days. It’s going to be published as downloadable content (DLC) and it wil feature five stories of survival. And guess what there is a guy called Vince that was first mentioned in the teaser on Vine.

The game will be centered on a truck stop on a Georgia highway. 400 Days tells five linked stories; each taking place at different points in time and from the point of view of a different survivor, from day one of the undead apocalypse to day 400. The five stories can be played in any order and will change based on the choices that you make. Echoes of the choices you made in Season 1 will carry over into 400 Days and the choices you make in 400 Days will resonate into Season 2.The five survivors are:

  • Vince, who looks to be in jail (or on its way to jail
  • Shel (if thats the correct name)
  • Bonnie
  • Russel, who seems to be a college graduate and now travels alone
  • Wiatt who we see traveling by car  together with a other person while they are being chased by another car.

400 Days will cost US $4.99 or equivalent (slight variations are possible based on region and games system). 400 Days cannot be purchased as a standalone game. It’s DLC (downloadable content) and therefore, you must have at least episode one, season one of The Walking Dead installed on your games system to play. 400 Days will be available to buy from within The Walking Dead season one.

400 Days Trailer and Vine preview


400 Days Screenshots

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