This Is Not a Test A Post-Apocalyptic Prequel

This Is Not A Test: A Post-Apocalyptic Prequel

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This Is Not a Test: A Post-Apocalyptic Prequel is an interactive comic book that challenges you to survive the end of the world as we know it. Create your fate by choosing your own path through the simulation — the choices you make will unlock new paths in your future, that is, if you don’t perish in the chemical wasteland. Your selection of skills, the items you scavenge, and the people you bring will unlock possibilities as you race to survive the doomsday event!

It’s available on Itunes for $0.99 and can be played on Ipad, Iphone and iPod. I haven’t played it yet but it looks a bit like Survivor Z. Probably going to try it out.. What can go wrong for 99 cents right?


Your Decisions Decide Your Fate: Your actions will unlock choices in your future. The story is a complex puzzle with many different outcomes.

Choose Your Skill Set: Skills you choose will unlock choices in the story, with different outcomes for how well you succeed or miserably you fail!

Stash Gear For Later: Scavenge items to help you survive the apocalypse!

Bring Others With You: Talk to other characters for more detail, or convince them to join you!

Do Good or Evil: Become a pillar of good, or help society crumble! You have the power to decide.

Participate In The Community: Contribute to the evolving game. Suggest new choices. Demand more story! Visit to participate.



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