Motion Detector Pro

Turn you old Android phone into a Security Camera

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Okay so this aint got anything to do with Apocalypse films, books etc… but this is to cool to not post about it. If you have a old phone lying around you can of course sell it, trow it away or give it to your kids.. but you can also turn it into a cheap Security Camera..

I found 2 apps that are really cool for this but before I go into the apps I recommend putting your phone back to factory settings so its clean, also check your phone settings like display brightness etc.

Motion Detector Pro

Motion Detector Pro

Okay, the first app, IP Webcam turns your phone into a real security camera. You can view your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. The second app, Motion Detector Pro won’t let you view live video footage, it’s more a surveillance app that makes a photo when it detects …motion and sends that photo to your email, or it sends you a text message to your phone.

Both apps are really easy to install and setup, if you do run into problems I suggest just google it, there are enough tutorials about both apps on the internet.


Motion Dectector Pro features

✓ Take a picture when the camera sees a movement and send it to an email or another phone. Great for catching thieves, watching your business/home or keeping an eye on your pet

✓ Start surveillance remotely by using text messsages (with password protection)

✓ Indicate realtime on the phones display where the movement is detected

✓ Stealth mode which closes the app as soon as the phone is touched

✓ Store the surveillance images on the cloud or locally on the phones SD-card


IP Webcam features

✓ Start surveillance remotely (with password protection)

✓ View your camera on any platform

✓ Take photo’s

✓ Use the autofocus option of you phone camera

✓ It’s Free!



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