Revolution: Season 1 Review

Revolution: Season 1 Review
Original title Revolution
Genre J.J. Abrams, Post Apocalypse
Original run 2012 -
Seasons 2
Running Time ( minutes ) 43
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Coming in with a talented cast and crew, Revolution had a lot to live up to with its first season. That probably was asking for too much considering mythology-centric sci-fi shows (pretty much any show that tries to accomplish what Lost did) that have come out since 2005 have almost universally failed. You can add Revolution to that mix too. While the show may have survived to see a second season, ratings for the show have imploded and the creativity level (which was never high to begin with) has gone downhill just as fast.

Revolution takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the power has gone out for good. As a megalomaniac (David Lyons) tries to find a mysterious power source in order to take over the country, a group of survivors tries to find a way to save the country. Yet first they must find the uncle (Billy Burke) of one of the members (Tracy Spiridakos) as he may know more than he lets on about the megalomaniac. The series was created and run by Eric Kripke (who created and ran Supernatural in its more successful seasons) and the directing team was led by Charles Beeson with Jon Favreau (Iron Man) directing the pilot.

With Eric Kripke proving himself with the effective Supernatural, Jon Favreau directing the pilot and J.J. Abrams producing (not to mention a cast with many familiar names to TV fans) you would think it would be impossible for this to be a bad show. Unfortunately, this show is completely devoid of originality and doesn’t even bother to be fun. Instead we are stuck with a boring mystery for the first half-season and then the second half becomes a far inferior remake of the second season of Jericho. For a show that started off as just an average program, it seemed to find a way to deteriorate in almost every single fashion. The lone exception to this is the effects work on the show. You would think that with Jon Favreau at the helm the pilot for the show would be a visual feast. Instead it’s a CGI crap-fest. Luckily, the directing team that came in after Favreau seemed to slowly get a handle on the effects and actually delivered a few flashy action sequences (even if there wasn’t any emotional investment in these scenes).

Unfortunately, the cast is almost as dull as the directing and writing. Tracy Spiridakos is a complete bomb as the female lead. She has no personality and can’t get any chemistry going with anybody. She became to bad that it became obvious that the show began switching her out for Billy Burke as the lead of the show. Burke isn’t that impressive either. Sure he can handle a very physical role well but there is nothing interesting about the performance. Even Elizabeth Mitchell (who was quite impressive on Lost) delivers a dull performance. The only two supporting performances that are worthy of note are those of David Lyons and Giancarlo Esposito. David Lyons proves to be a worthy villain while Giancarlo Esposito shows why he is one of the best villainous actors out there (until the writers can’t make up their mind on which side he actually fights for).

Revolution completely wastes its talented cast and crew.

Review by David


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Original titleRevolution
GenreJ.J. Abrams, Post Apocalypse
Original run2012 -
Running Time ( minutes )43
Directed byEric Kripke
Written by-
CastBilly Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito

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